Do your words flow?

February 6, 2006

I’ve just started writing about something and then stopped to do this. The problem? The words and ideas just weren’t flowing. I started with an idea of what I wanted to say and then started adding other ideas and it all started to get too long and complex.

How long should it take for a post? Do you just write “seen this, isn’t it cool” with a link or do you make some comment on it? If you start to make a comment, then does it take too long and you miss the moment or run out of time? I guess it will all come with practice – if only getting a blog made you an instant expert journalist.


How much information do you give away?

February 6, 2006

There are many different opinions about what makes a good blog. Many think that you should include information about yourself. Darren Rowse at ProBlogger has some very good arguments for making yourself available. Not all of us are as outgoing though.

Blogs are the words of people. Some want to be heard and want to be credited for their statements. Others prefer to prompt a discussion, but not be the centre of attention. And some never make a statement at all. At least the first two examples can end up on blogs.

I think there is room for both out there, and the latter should be encouraged. It is just as important to stimulate the discussion as it is to lead it.

Setting up the Blog

February 6, 2006

Well so far it’s been very easy, Even the first post is done for you ;-). Now to figure out what I want to write about.

Hello world!

February 6, 2006

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!